Bringing value to your life Beyond Finance

We are different from a lot of financial advice firms. We don’t have sales targets or a desire to create as much money as possible. Our interest is in the outcome you want to achieve in your life, perhaps encouraging you to make bolder life-changing decisions now, rather than holding off until it’s too late.

Our wish is for everyone in our community to step out of their comfort zone and discover the undiscovered. We don’t want to dictate what your best life is, but we do want to give you space to uncover your own individual wishes for a life well-lived, so that you can make the most of today’s window of opportunity.

Going Beyond Finance

By choosing to work with us, you would be helping us give a large percentage of business profits to the Beyond Finance Charitable Trust each year, to make a difference to the most marginalised in the UK and across the world.

You can read our
“Introduction to Beyond Finance”