Our 7 Step Financial Planning Process

First Conversation

  • In our first meeting, we encourage thinking Beyond Finance.
  • Our aim is to learn more about you, your life and your aspirations before we gather information about your financial position.
  • This meeting is for about an hour and is at our expense.
  • It’s here we decide whether we should work with each other.
  • If not, we’d like you to go away feeling happy that we have met.

Financial Analysis Preparation

  • This is when we collect information about your current financial circumstances.
  • It provides us with enough knowledge to gain an accurate picture of where you are now.
  • From here, we create your financial model ready for discussion at our next meeting.

Financial Analysis Meeting

  • In this meeting we demonstrate how to match your aspirations with the financial resources you have.
  • We can identify whether you have enough money to live the life you wish or whether action needs to be taken to fill any gaps.
  • Knowing where you are now in relation to where you want to be is an essential step in planning for your future.

Creation of Your Financial Plan

  • We send you a report of where you are now.
  • This comes with recommendations of how to get to where you want to be.
  • We provide a lifetime cashflow forecast.

Strategy Meeting

  • Here we review your proposed strategy and shape it together.
  • We use cashflow modelling to ask, “What if…..?”
  • We lift the lid on all your assets.
  • And we explore opportunities to improve your future.

Implementation of Plan

  • We provide you with our recommendations and financial advice.
  • And we implement any agreed actions and write to you with confirmation of actions taken.

Future Planning Meetings

  • Ongoing discussions are an important part of our ongoing relationship.
  • It’s important to us that we keep our conversations frequent as we journey through life together.
  • Our goal is to help keep you on track throughout your life Beyond Finance.