Our Charitable Trust is a core part of who we are and what we do at Beyond Finance. Through the Trust we aim to make a difference to the poorest, most marginalised people across the world and in the UK.

Each year, we contribute a large percentage of our business profit to the Trust. This means that everyone associated with Beyond Finance shares in creating this contribution. This money is then put to work in support of special projects providing relief, value, and dignity where we can.

We work hard to co-ordinate our charitable work and find charities that meet our specific criteria. Our funding is targeted to the most desperate. Charities must account for how they use the money, identify exactly how it is spent and changes lives.

Criteria for giving

To maximise the impact of our giving, we ask six key questions when considering which projects to support:

  • How many people will benefit and by how much?
  • Is there evidence of cost effectiveness?
  • Is this a deeply neglected area?
  • Is other funding / match funding available?
  • What does success look like?
  • What percentage of funding goes to the people that most need it?
  • Is there the potential for self-sufficiency in the future?

It has been incredibly fulfilling to build relationships with our chosen charities and follow their progress.

Here are some videos introducing their work…

Caring for Life

Dreamland Mission

Casa Cruzeiro

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