Our philosophy

Our role is financial planning, we outsource investment to experts in the field of investing. We select discretionary investment managers who provide:

  • Active as opposed to reactive management.
  • Risk controlled asset allocation.
  • Geographical diversification, reflecting current markets and economic conditions.
  • Re-balancing of portfolios to maintain your risk profile.
  • On-line valuations
  • Annual reviews with your investment managers
  • Institutional costing of funds under management, reducing the total expense ratio.

We expect a combination of active and passive investment styles within client portfolios and choose independent investment companies, free from external constraints and able to adapt a whole of market approach to the choice of investments.

Your portfolio is bespoke to you

  • Each client portfolio is managed by a designated manager chosen specially for you.
  • Your manager will be fully aware of your objectives, attitude to risk and wishes for your portfolio.
  • Our discretionary investment managers are continually monitored and performance measure against industry-wide benchmarks.

Investment decisions are surrounded by comprehensive financial planning

Before introducing you to our investment management companies, we provide a comprehensive financial planning service. This includes obtaining:

  • A full understanding of the lifestyle you wish to achieve, arrived at through in-depth conversations with you
  • A full understanding of your whole current financial situation achieved through a comprehensive fact find.
  • A full understanding of your previous investment experience.
  • An assessment and agreement of your needs and priorities.
  • An assessment of your attitude to investment risk and your capacity for loss.
  • Your agreement to the amount of easily accessible capital you should keep for emergency purposes.
  • Your agreement of the timeline your investments need to work towards.
  • Your agreement of your final investment strategy.

Once all of this is complete, we will introduce you to your chosen investment manager or managers who will provide a full suitability report to support investment recommendations made.

Ongoing investment reviews

  • Investment reviews normally take place annually.
  • We invite your investment managers to provide regular updates via webinars organised by us throughout the year.
  • Your relationship with your investment manager is personal and you will have direct access to them.