Image of Maria Langford

Maria Langford

Trainee Financial Planner

I joined Beyond Finance in January 2023 as a Trainee Financial Planner. Before, I had always had my heart set on becoming a solicitor and pursing a degree in Law. However, during my gap year the opportunity to join Beyond Finance arose which seemed more exciting – and I can safely say I haven’t looked back!

I am currently working towards my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and hope one day to become a Chartered Financial Planner. Part of my role is to observe meetings and work closely with each of our clients through the meeting processes, in particular Jonathan’s meetings, all serving to further my financial knowledge.

My favourite thing about my role is having the opportunity to challenge myself each day, interaction with clients, and being able to support clients throughout times of change and transformation, I also have a passion for our next generation of clients.

Since joining Beyond Finance, I have loved being out of my comfort zone, gaining new knowledge from being exposed to conversations that I have not experienced before.

Outside of work, I (try to) go to the gym four times a week and play badminton when I am not revising for my next exam! I also appreciate reading different genres of literature. Growing up I was always around my mum’s side of the family who are originally from St. Vincent and Aruba. They were always cooking lots of food, something I love to do now. I also love to be cooked for and do enjoy a meal out!