Image of Sheena Cannon

Sheena Cannon

Pensions Executive

I started working for Beyond Finance in 1992 when both my daughters were settled into school. In 1999 I took a 7-year break to work with my husband but then returned to work at Beyond Finance.

I work part time, three days a week, and I am the Pension Administrator for all the planners.  Over the years, I have built up great relationships or, as I like to call them, friendships with many of our clients, whether they be long standing or more recent clients.  As you can probably tell, I feel client relationships are the most important part of my role and to treat everyone as individuals not just as work to be processed.

The team is gradually growing and with a wide range of ages. It is great to belong to such a close-knit group who mutually respect one and other with varying views.  It is always gratifying to hear updates from the Beyond Finance Trust with the donations made and the life changing impact this has for so many people. 

I am married to John, and we have two daughters. We have three grandsons and one granddaughter and another grandson due at the end of the year. I think we will continue to be very busy on my days off!

I also enjoy going to the gym and generally keeping fit and healthy, meeting up with friends, entertaining and going on holiday in the sunshine.